Experienced, competent & flexible

inTEC GmbH guarantees you optimal customer service for your systems. Our employees coordinate and handle every area such as sales, spare parts orders, maintenance and repairs in order to provide you with rapid and flexible service. This also includes on-site service throughout Germany within 24 hours; outside of Germany upon agreement.

Overview of our service

  • Advice regarding the system design in order to meet the requirements
  • Flexible and creative solutions for your specific needs
  • Advice regarding the possible treatment methods for the coat preparation
  • Support with the corresponding approval and testing/inspection procedures
  • Professional assembly
  • Installation of systems and interfaces to all supply and disposal components, including commissioning
  • Personnel-specific training and instruction
  • Coaching during production for the start-up phase
  • Completion of all maintenance and repair work
  • Efficient troubleshooting thanks to experienced contacts and sophisticated diagnostics technology and methods
  • Short downtimes due to the fastest possible fault rectification at any location.

++ New developments ++

Efficient and automatic coating of complex welded constructions with the new scanner-based 3D material detection system for continuous coating.

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